We offer a series of Integrated Circuits including a monostable multivibrator, a digital replacement for the classic 555 timer, as well as programmable musical sound generators.

  image of the monostable multivibrator
picture of the digital 555 timer
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picture of assembled monostable multivibrator

Main Page

Welcome to High Tech Chips, Inc.

We provide innovative design solutions by offering a unique set of Integrated Circuits. If you are a curious person, design engineer, hobbyist or student then this site is for you. Feel free to look around and browse through our products.

For your convenience we have created application notes showing some design implementation of our products. This includes application notes for HTC550 our monostable multivibrator implementation, HTC555 digital replacement for classic 555 timer, HTC2500 digital clock controller, and HTC751 programmable musical sound generator. The application notes contain detailed descriptions of our projects, including schematics and part lists.

Complete documentation of our products and other goodies are available for download.

New product announcements and promotions can be found on our news page. We designed our web site to be user friendly so we hope you will find it helpful.

High Tech Chips, Inc.
image of digital 555 timer